1.2 A quotation switches to an active “Order/Sale” upon HARVESTER CO. receiving from the Buyer;
(a) electronic approval to Quotation
(b) approval of artwork
(c) receipt of deposit
1.3 Whilst every care is taken by HARVESTER CO. to carry out the instructions of the Buyer, it is the
Buyer’s responsibility to undertake a final proof reading of any customised logos or text to be applied
to the Goods. HARVESTER CO. shall accept no liability whatsoever for any errors not picked up
and/or corrected by the Buyer in the final proof reading. In the event of this situation full payment of
goods is still required.
1.4 At HARVESTER CO.’s sole discretion a deposit may be required.
1.5 By ordering Goods, or receiving delivery of any Goods, the Buyer is deemed to have accepted these
Purchase Terms, and to have agreed that they apply to the exclusion of all others.
1.6 The Goods remain the property of HARVESTER CO. until the full payment of any outstanding
amounts have been paid.


1.1 An active “Order/Sale” cannot be cancelled.
2.2 If the Buyer is in a change of ownership of the business or management, the liability still falls on the
new business or management. Please refer to Terms & Conditions which outlines the ownership to
advice to HARVESTER CO. any such change in business.
2.3 Refunds will not be issued for faulty goods HARVESTER CO. will endeavour to exchange, repair, or
replace like for like prior to refund. A credit may also be issued. There is no refund for change of mind.
2.4 HARVESTER CO. shall accept no liability whatsoever for any errors not picked up and/or corrected by
the Buyer in the final proof reading. Payment of Goods will still be required for payment.
2.5 Any delivery time or date given by HARVESTER CO. to the Buyer is an estimate only and does not
warrant a refund for an active “Order/Sale”
2.5 It is at HARVESTER CO. discretion to offer REFUND or CANCELLATION for events outside the
normal parameters.


3.1 Any faulty claims must be raised with HARVESTER CO. within 7 days of receiving the delivery.
3.2 HARVESTER CO. are not responsible for the design and development of third-party goods and
therefore are not held liable for any faulty goods or damage caused.
We will take up any concerns and disputes with the third-party Supplier or Maker.
3.3 The Buyer warrants that in placing an Order it has not relied in any way on HARVESTER CO.’
representations and that it has satisfied itself as to the suitability of the Goods for the Buyers
3.4 HARVESTER CO. will not be liable for any loss, harm or damage incurred by the Buyer if the Goods
are used for a purpose other than the application is was designed for.


4.1 The Price on any quotation/invoice provided by HARVESTER CO. to the Buyer valid for 21 days.
4.2 HARVESTER CO. reserves the right to change the Price if a variation to HARVESTER CO.’s
quotation is requested by the Buyer
(a) including but not limited to where a bulk discount (quantity pricing) has been offered by
HARVESTER CO., and the Buyer subsequently reduces the quantity of Goods ordered.
(b) there is a change to the Price from the Supplier or maker to us which affects our quotation
HARVESTER CO. also has the right to invalid the quotation.
(c) and if there is a logistics requirement outside our standard delivery charges.
4.3 Payment of the Goods by the Buyer is required;
(a) prior to delivery of the Goods;
(b) the date specified on any invoice or other form as being the date for payment
4.4 Payment may be made by electronic/on-line banking, eftpos, credit card.


5.1 All deliveries must be checked and any disputes brought to HARVESTER CO. attention within 7 days.
5.2 If the Buyer requests HARVESTER CO. to leave Goods outside Buyers premises for collection this
shall be left at the Buyer’s sole risk. HARVESTER CO. do not take responsibility for any missing
deliveries. Payment of the Goods will still be required for payment.
5.3 At HARVESTER CO. sole discretion the cost of delivery is included in the Price.
5.4 Any delivery time or date given by HARVESTER CO. to the Buyer is an estimate only. The Buyer
must still accept delivery of the Goods even if late and HARVESTER CO. will not be liable for any loss
or damage incurred by the Buyer as a result of the delivery being late.


6.1 Force Majeure. In no event shall HAREVSTER CO. be responsible or liable for any failure
or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder arising out of or caused by, directly or
indirectly, forces beyond its control, including, without limitation, strikes, malicious damage,
sabotage and revolution, work stoppages, accidents, illness epidemics, acts of war or terrorism,
civil or military disturbances, nuclear or natural catastrophes or acts of God; lightning strikes,
earthquakes, floods, storms, explosions, fires and any natural disaster, and interruptions, loss
or malfunctions of utilities, communications or computer (software and hardware) services; it
being understood that the HAREVSTER CO. shall use reasonable efforts to resume
performance as soon as practicable under the circumstances. A Force Majeure will not affect
the Customer’s obligation to make any payments to HARVESTER CO. for Goods delivered or
deemed to be delivered to the Customer.