Established in 2016 in the vibrant Melbourne suburb of Sunshine, HARVESTER CO. is a proudly Australian-owned business. Situated in an area renowned for its rich manufacturing and immigration history, we draw inspiration from the legacy of innovation and hard work that defines this community.

For over 80 years, Sunshine was home to Australia’s largest manufacturing plant, the Sunshine Harvester Works. This iconic facility employed thousands, including the grandparents of our business founder, who dedicated years to its operations. In honouring this legacy, we embrace the values of diligence, resilience, growth, and integrity that have shaped our heritage.



At HARVESTER CO., we offer a diverse range of uniforms, workwear, PPE, and promotional products from leading brands. Catering to sectors such as corporate, education, construction, healthcare, and more, we strive to meet the unique needs of each industry we serve.

Partnering with reputable suppliers renowned for their commitment to innovation and quality, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards. Additionally, we prioritize collaboration with manufacturers who uphold strong social, ethical, and corporate values, aligning with our own principles of integrity and responsibility.



Our purpose is to operate with honesty and integrity in all our operations our goal is to establish our customer requirements and to deliver credible, premium products and services.

We value all our customers, employees and suppliers and aim to provide a  safe and enjoyable experience with all our partners. 

We engage and support local communities and charities and operate in a manner that looks after the enviroment.

Harvester Co. is a divison of the  WMS Group.